Purple Rock Productions presents

The Basket Case

Find out just what (and who) is hiding in Basket City!

 Dolls, baskets, puppets, and many surprises are inside and outside the baskets!

















Basketry is the oldest functional art form! It exists in almost every culture on earth -- and the baskets that form the "Basket City" in this production are from all over the world!

Children ask questions all the time. This show helps them to understand the nature of these questions -- WHERE? WHO? WHAT? HOW? WHY? are repeated in various ways within the scope of the story in order to give the children some usage memory.

The concept of OPPOSITES is played with at length. Opposites such as INSIDE and OUTSIDE are explored, with baskets sitting inside other baskets, and puppets coming OUT and going IN to baskets. Other opposites include EMPTY & FULL, GOING & COMING, and YOUNG & OLD.

The "missing person" in the story is the mother of a little puppet found deep inside one of the baskets.  Ideas of LOSING, SEARCHING and FINDING are folded within the story.

COLORS are introduced throughout the story, making it a search for the color "missing from the rainbow" in addition to a search for a missing person.

Because the story is performed live, with live songs and movement, the narrative offers many opportunities for young children to engage physically as well as verbally.

To view a short videoclip from a performance, go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-t2eJtBhA0



Dolls were made by the late Jane Ward, a weaver from New York state, and then strung to be marionettes.

Other puppets and marionettes are composed from baskets, fabric, and other materials.




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At a recent performance, children watch while the "Empty Headed Queen" comes to life.