Create a Character!

The University of Hartford's Magnet School (Capitol Region Education Council) with Connecticut's Commission on Culture and Tourism (HOT Schools) invited Rolande Duprey to teach a ten week residency to the third grade classes. Teachers Anne Shemkovitz, Joan Hurley, Heather Vasseur, Kathy Neuhaus and Edward Crowell helped turned puppetry into a tool for teaching narrative fiction. In developing the characters, the children worked on the stories of the characters, their external and internal traits, the obstacles that were to be overcome, and how the characters changed.


Part I: Sculpting puppet character heads out of newspaper and masking tape...















What is the character? What is the overall attitude that you can show? Happy-go-lucky? Down-in-the-dumps?


















Big Nose? Big Ears? Big Smile?


















We are using recycled materials. We are thinking about the character, and the story that the character will be involved in...Mrs. Neuhaus helps us understand the relationships the character may have to others.
















We are also working on visual/spatial ideas of texture, color, and shape with Mr. Crowell.








MARCH 10, 2008:  We began covering our sculptures with papier mache!
























It can get pretty messy.

































MARCH 31, 2008: We begin "painting" our character heads using tissue paper and watery white glue.
























































Sometimes a face can surprise you!






























After we made the heads, we built the bodies and starting our skits!  To see more, go to the next page by clicking on:


April 8, 2008: