April 8, 2008: Beginning to use and operate the puppets!

We started building the bodies for the puppet using recycled and reused materials once again.









Once the bodies were put together with a "costume", then the real fun began. We tried to establish character through the MOVEMENT of the puppet. How does the character walk? Fast? Slow? In a straight line or in curvy lines? Floaty or jumpy?















Everybody had written a story about their puppet character.













April 28, 2008: Staging techniques. Each class experimented with using their puppets behind a curtain.

















 We created scenic pieces as well as other characters that may come into the story.















May 5, 2008: Discovering the ARC of the character and how the puppet can show emotion!




















































To write a play about a character, you need to know all sorts of things.

How does the character behave in all kinds of situations? How does the character change or grow?

Our skits are based on the stories we wrote. We also think about the six principles of nonviolence by Dr. Martin Luther King. How we can use these in our skits?































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