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From the Dreamtime of Australian Aborigines to a legend about the origin of the Nile, these tales will captivate and enthrall children and families.  

People have lived near rivers for thousands of years, and many tales have been told about them and the creatures that may or may not live within them.




Where do rivers come from?

The Australian Aborigines tell of the Rainbow Serpent, who came from deep within the dry rock of the earth, digging crevasses and holes that it filled with water. In the center of Africa, people tell about an elephant that cried so much its tears created the Nile.

There's also story about a seed that sprouted the first river.

Wings of fancy!

As with all wonderful dreams, there are many transformations. The earth is transformed into "wings of fancy" that in turn transform into waves and rivers. A maiden is transformed into a "rusalka" -- a type of river creature from the Slavic traditions. Toward the end of the show, children are transformed from audience members to storytellers in order to help tell one of the tales.

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