The Alien Ate It
Celebrating cultural diversity while teaching inclusiveness, understanding and intergalactic harmony, this multi-media performance shows many imagined aliens and their various ways of communicating, eating and arguing.

When Spigut and Wigut are guarding the "Num Num Crumb Drum," the giant food storage bin for their entire community, it mysteriously disappears. They seek help from the Grand Investigator, telling him they think "An Alien Ate It"...

The Grand Investigator questions all the aliens of the planet, including "Teuhoides," a famous entertainer. Teuhoides tells the Grand Investigator that the Num Nums are actually living things that make music, and shed their shell when they hum....the Num Num Humming produces a Num Num Tum! They've been eating Num Num Tum Crumbs...and as long as there are Num Nums, there will be Num Num Tum Crumbs!

But who stole the Num Num (Tum) Crumb Drum? The answer is a BIG surprise!