Past Productions

Rapunzel - 2007-Present

Rapunzel is an adaptation of the classic tale. This adaptation is based on the Italian version called "Petronsinella" of the seventeenth century. In it, Rapunzel and the Prince are chased by the witch who transforms into various animals in order to catch the couple. Rapunzel, normally a passive heroine, is very clever in this version. She has learned a few tricks from the witch, especially how to "sing" things to grow.

"The standing room only audience at the Ridgefield Library thoroughly enjoyed your new production of Rapunzel. You had the children enthralled during the entire performance. Your original twists and improvisation will inspire creativity in childrens own storytelling and play."
~Ridgefield Public Library, librarian Diane Tinacci

Spinning Straw Into Gold - 1985-Present

In this farcical retelling of the Rumpelstiltskin story, we are introduced to the character of Rumpelstiltskin at the beginning of the show, when he plays tricks on a dragon and then on the Miller. The Miller's Daughter is no passive female in this rendition of the classic story. She volunteers to help her father by going to the King herself. Later, she actively attempts to hide the baby during the name guessing game. To add to the fun, puppeteer Rolande Duprey learns the names of the children ahead of time in order to call them out during the guessing of Rumpelstiltskin’s name.

Wonderful Walkabouts - 1988-Present

Individual puppet characters roam as street entertainment or for special events. Some are Renaissance figures. Choices range from Giant parade figures to Pinky, the Pink Poodle.

Ecological Logic - 2009-2013

This show tells the story of someone who litters, throwing his garbage into the ocean. He falls asleep on the beach and has a dream. In his dream, the ocean turns to plastic and all of the garbage he has thrown in comes to life! When he awakens, he sees a sea turle swallow a plastic bag that he threw away. He jumps in to save the turtle. Once the sea turtle swims away, the man starts to drown. The sea turtle comes and saves him.

The LOGIC is: If we save the earth, the earth will save us!

Snowmaiden - 1994-2014

This famous Russian folk tale is well known in Eastern Europe. Rimsky-Korsikov wrote an opera based on the story; ballets have been performed; Nathaniel Hawthorn adapted it as a short story, and it has been adapted into a few children's books. Through puppetry, the tale truly comes alive. The story is told in toy-theatre style, with two dimensional marionettes as the village children and the elderly couple who build a snow sculpture of a little girl. The Snowmaiden, touched by magical stardust, is lterally and figuratively from another dimension. As the Snowmaiden thrives in the winter, she learns many things from the village children. But when the sun melts the snow away, her feet begin to hurt to walk. She decides to go deep into the woods, where the snow still lingers under the trees. She dances joyously in the woods until she realizes she is lost. Soon she meets a bear, a deer, and a small bird, who finally help her return home. She melts away as she promises to return. Spring, summer, and autumn come and go. Marionettes representing the seasons dance, and show the different qualities that each season possesses. Finally, winter comes again, and the Snowmaiden, like the other seasonal marionettes, appears in the village. The dances and songs that follow the story are adapted from Russian folk music. One famous melody, a round dance, can be taught to audience volunteers before the performance begins. Since the cycle of the seasons is represented, as well as other cycles and circles, this round dance helps to set the stage and feeling for the themes, the Russian culture, and community. Live music with guitar and balalaika helps to tell the story.

A cd of the story with the music is available. Please contact us for more information.

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