Wonderful Walkabouts

Rapunzel is an adaptation of the classic tale. This adaptation is based on the Italian version called "Petronsinella" of the seventeenth century. In it, Rapunzel and the Prince are chased by the witch who transforms into various animals in order to catch the couple.Rapunzel, normally a passive heroine, is very clever in this version. She has learned a few tricks from the witch, especially how to "sing" things to grow. She is able to "sing" a boat into existence in order that she and the Prince can get away on the ocean.

An old washer woman tells the story using a variety of household objects, as well as puppets. This allows for the audience to participate in creating the story as well. In evaluations of the first programs performed at Coventry Grammar School, one teacher wrote, "The production had many opportunities for the children to use their imagination. This is a great starting point for children who are trying to do a creative writing piece a fantasy story! The story also allowed children to see the possibility of creating using everyday objects in other projects, writing projects, math projects, and more!"

Another wrote, "The scenery was wonderful. We talked about sitting in our rooms and having things come alive in our imaginations -- all around us!"

After a performance at Ridgefield Public Library, librarian Diane Tinacci had this to say: "The standing room only audience at the Ridgefield Library thoroughly enjoyed your new production of Rapunzel. You had the children enthralled during the entire performance. Your original twists and improvisation will inspire creativity in childrens own storytelling and play.